Well, this is a long one. How long is it? Thank you, conveniently placed transitional sentence. This bad, bad, dirty, someone should talk to his mother, boy clocks in at an hour and a half. Or more easily understood as how many seconds there are in an hour and a half and then divide (or multiplied?) by 6 seconds, thus completing this amazing, sick Vine burn. Speaking of failure, the boys kick things off with some “WFM’s,” then we hear, “30 seconds of some hardcore tennis grunts,” then someone call Mackenzie Phillips because things get So Weird when the boys discuss porn in “From First to Last,” then we hear some Razzie level performances during, “30 seconds of bad porn acting,” finally the boys ramble on to no end and reminisce about the good ol’ days of vine and World Star Vine Comps and talk about some recent rumblings in the neighborhood. So drop out of college, move to Hollywood and Vine and wait to spend all your time hanging with president kid rock. also, listen to this. The new queso at Chipotle is trash.

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