The boy’s are back in town and they are bound to let you down, again. They get things farted with some oh, I wonder wonder wonder why these, “WMF’s” not even later at the mall, then we hear “30 seconds of the wonder ball,” followed by, “47 seconds of Knock knock, who’s there? It’s our aforementioned neighbor who finally makes a cameo on this epi-chode,” then we intro-deuce (like #2 ((poop)) ) a new segment called, “Who farted?” followed by “60 seconds of now that’s what music vol. 69,” then we close things out with a dat phan favorite in, “Notepad Rejects,” and then faster than can say,”Howdotheyconintuallyforgettowritetitlesdownaretheyyoungdumbandfullofcumoraretheytootoostupidtodowhatyourcoachtellsyouto?” so cut the cheese and listen to this episode, if you please (kill me).

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