The boys are baby got back for another episode and they welcome a very special guest: Tony “Crunch” Campos. Tony get things started with his, “Cookie Crunch Lock of the Week,” then the boys talk about butt stuff and get around to talking about some, “WFM’s” we hear some more talk about butt stuff and then we hear, “30 seconds of ye old Dubuque Plumper,” then there’s some light chatter about butt related issues and then the boys singer their little farts out in, “How Does That Song Go?” Then the boys dive right back into the issues and discuss more butt stuff followed by, “30 seconds of The Simpson’s Last Butterfinger on the Left,” and finally, the boys wrap things up with some final thoughts about butts and name the episode. So grab your headphones, place your bets on the Butt-fallow Dills and get ready for a butt-load of butt talk.

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