HOT DIGGITY DOG! The bois cumming at you HORD with a BONEUS EPISODE! In this, seemingly, themed episode the fellers can’t seem to wash the GREASE off themselves. Starting off with some “WFM’s” from the past, listening to “60 Seconds of…” an iPana Toothpaste Commercial, then get all sticky when they can’t seem to figure out “How Does that Song Go”, they try and shake it off with “60 Seconds of…” Koreans singing a song that seems awfully familiar, they try and move forward after the break but just can’t seem to get this gall dern song out of their heads, they continue wondering “How Does that Song Go”, at this point they are just too frustrated, so they take another break with “30 Seconds of…” a parody commercial for a bank, and after this breakthey are just fed up with everything and cum very close to just hanging it all up. Casey may be done with House Sadness for good, Jacob seems like he is hanging by a thread, which definitely won’t support his body weight for much longer. Is this the end of House Sadness the Podcast??? Tune in next week to find out…

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