HOLY SQUAWK-A-MOLE!!! THAT’S A LONG DONG DILVER OF AN EPI-CHODE!!! When the Casey’s away, the two dipshits will gay. This epi-chode we have a special guest co-host, the one and only FRUMMUNDAHCHEESE-TAKER…TONY THE CRUNCH CAMPOS. The two are all fucking over the place but for the moist part discuss some of the “Fastest Food on Two Chicken-Legs.” After a quick commercial break and the return of “Pizza Head” (I’m sure Casey is happy he missed that one), Jacob introduces us to some of the wildest and dericious sounding gimmicks that fast food places have tried throughout the years and drools over the commercial for the “KFC DOUBLE DOWN DOG” and gets into DOUBLE DOWNWARD FACING DOG, an expert yoga move that requires one to shove they ass in the air and then freehand munch a DOUBLE DOWN DOG from the floor like a dog. Jacob licks at the linoleum as if he was trying to suck the chrome off of Silver Surfer’s dick, Tony lifts him up, kicking and screaming so that they can get to the bottom of a sauce cup in “Sauce is the Boss.” Your Boss may be a singer from New Jersey, butt I’ll tell you TWHHHAT, you’re missing out on some perdy dang guhd sauces muh doooood. And like the snap of an intoxicated frat boys neck, it’s over before it seemed to have even began.


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