Ho, ho, ho, Merry Sadness and welcome to the special XXXmas edition of House Sadness. The boys get the holiday cheer going with some, “WFM’s” then they try out some new bits in, “Joke of the Gay,” then we hear, “60 seconds of Now That’s I Call Music: Fist-mas Edition,” then the boys share a tune perfect for caroling in, “12 Days of Sadness,” then we hear “30 seconds of The Budlight Xmas Date featuring, you guessed it, a farting horse,” then the boys find out who the fat man stuffed and with what in, “Stocking Stuffers,” then we hear, “120 seconds of Kirk Cameron trying to save Christmas and resurrect his career,” then the boys find some gift receipts laying around in, “Receipts Taken: Gift Giving Edition,” then we hear, “120 seconds of the man who can do everything: Tim Allen in The Santa Claus,” then boys name the episode and slide it under the tree. So grab your headphones, dip your dogs in some eggnog and let the sadness spirit wash over you.

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