And it’s another long one. What could the boys possibly spend 30 minutes upfront talking about? The collapse of modern civilization? The melting ice caps? The merits of Chaucer? Well, this is House Sadness, of course, so the boys, naturally, pontificate about the one thing that keeps their hope alive: hotdogs. Once the boys decide to cut it out, they somehow manage to find some more, “WFM’s,” we hear “30 more seconds about that goddamn Nestle ball of wonder,” then someone get showbiz on the line because they’ve blocked our calls, it’s another round of, “Cold Opens.” Then we hear “30 seconds of the gift that never made it under my Christmas tree, the PlayDoh Monster Truck,” then gather around the trash fire as the boys close things out with some tales of debauchery in, “Notecard Secrets.” So grab your notebook, sharpen your number 69 pencil and prepare to write your congressman asking her/him to put this to end. (We really do spend the first 30 minutes talking about hotdogs). (.)(.)

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